Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got a tare on vinyl or crack on dash board?

Gentleman good afternoon.

Back in 1983 when I purchased my Brand New W126 at my Mercedes Benz dealership in Montreal,I saw a young man doing a repair on a dash board,it had a very small crack on it.I noticed that he had a very small tool case and it held many different color compounds to do his repairs.We started talking and he told me that he had a franchise called *TrimLine* and that all he did was repairs on dash boards for many different dealerships across the Montreal area.

Well 25 years later I recently found a supplier of these compounds are ordered myself a kit.
The current W126 I own has a small crack on it near the speaker grill on the left side of the dash board.So I will be taking some before and after shots to show you how I did.
Here are a few pictures of the compound kit I received today.
I will update this Blog as soon as the repairs are completed,with pictures of course.Cheers!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New ride when visiting Vancouver.

1986 W126.125 with a 603.961 engine very low millage and in pristine condition.
Car was originally from California,and purchased from me from the second owner in northern Alberta.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Replaced the water pump today and a new serpentine belt also.

I thought I would be able to do this job with out removing the engine rad,but I was sadly mistaken.The rad came out,fan blade removed,fan clutch removed...All in all it took a few hours.