Sunday, March 11, 2012

Add a little color to the old instrument panel!

Check out the new instruments!

Well I've been putting this off for so long now that I decided to go ahead with this little project.

After so many years you notice that your dash board gauges are kinda fading ,so here goes anything!

Wow   what a difference!!

Very easy project and allot of fun too!
This little project was done on both of our automobiles....300SD (126) and 300D 1983(123).

 Out of a coat hanger I made myself two hooks that I bended at 90 degree and grind the ends off.
 Enter a hook on each side of the dash bezel,make sure your hook is entering in a upwards position.
 Turn both hooks towards the center of the dash and gently pull towards you,it might need some convincing,so go ahead and pull 
 Ok the left side is the other side.

 Now you need to disconnect the few light bulbs, harness,speedometer cable and oil line.Don't worry about oil leaking,it wont happen.
 Now that everything is disconnected,bring you dash bezel to your work bench and lets start disassembling the whole thing.
 There are 8 screws like this that you need to remove.
 First off the tachometer.

 Then the speedometer.
 And last but not least the oil,gas and temperature gauge.
 Bought myself a small container of fluorescent orange color at my local hobby store with a 00 size brush.

 Take a piece of paper and place it under the needles that need painting.
 Make sure before you start painting to clean the needles with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab so that the paint adheres well.
 I applied two coats of paint,let the first one dry for 10 minutes or so then hit the next coat.
 First coat.

 Time to reassemble.
Start with the last gauge out so on so forth...
 Fuel oil and temperature gauge,then speedometer,and last your tachometer.
 Fuel oil and temperature gauge,then speedometer,and last your tachometer.
Thats not too bad...isn't it?

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