Friday, March 9, 2012

Injector nozzles and fuel delivery valves

Well its finally done.

Removed the old and used injector nozzles and installed brand new Monark's.
Very easy job.But you most definitely need a super clean environment when reassembling all of the parts involved.
Unfortunately I don't have a video of the engine start up,but believe me It sounds great,some nailing at start up but after a small road test everything came back to normal and also a noticeable increase in power!

The symptoms started last year when I noticed some smoke at start up,and engine shake at start up also. 
Did several diesel purges but not much improvement.
Then about a month ago I could smell diesel inside the car....My delivery valve seals were leaking from the injection pump.
Then I knew I had to do something.Did allot of research on different makes of nozzles including Bosch and found one brand that suited my needs,Monark,
German brand that's been around for many many years and the price was very reasonable too. 
While waiting for my nozzles to arrive I did the delivery valve seals ... 

Big Dan

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