Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turbo seals replacement

Parts needed...
Two turbo seals of different diameter.

Tools needed...
A large flat head screw driver.

 Two new turbo seals.Notice the different diameter.
Large seal goes on the outside of the air filter air outlet.
Small seal goes on the outside of the turbo intake.
 On the left is the air flow intake to the air filter.
On the bottom right is the output air flow beneath your air filter housing.

 Turbo air intake
This is the air collector from the air filter housing to the turbo
 Notice the inner groove on the large turbo seal.

 And the outer groove on the air filter housing.
 You want the grooves of the large seal to fit perfectly over the outer grooves of the air filter outlet housing.
 Now install the smaller seal over the turbo intake housing.
 Perfect fit.
 Now you can install your plastic air collector between your air filter housing and the turbo.

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