Sunday, March 11, 2012

Banjo bolt cleaning.

Some people say I'm anal about this but I clean this banjo bolt every time I do my oil and filter replacement,and maybe you should too!

The benefits you ask???

What is it? Its a hollow bolt with a hole in the side to give passage.
What does it do? It passes intake manifold pressure to the ALDA.
Why does it need cleaning?   Oil sludge, carbon and other gunk builds up and plug’s the bolt and line.
What happens if the bolt or line are plugged or broken?   Massive power loss.

Do NOT over tighten the Banjo bolt. You will strip the threads in the manifold.
Then? >>>     $$$$$
The only tools needed are
3/8 Drive ratchet with a 12mm socket or a 12mm ratchet wrench.

 The banjo bolt is located at the rear of the exhaust manifold,on the right side (passenger) of engine.
Notice the two washers,one on the inside and outside of bolt
 Bolt is removed.
 Clean with engine cleaner.
Oh by the way.This bolt is very expensive $30.00+ and is a special order through MB.Thought you might like to know
Reinstall and be gentle when you re tighten this bolt.
This is another item I like to clean out at every oil change.
And your done.

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